Harmony XVS Sirens and Electronic Alarms

13,640.00 12,730.00

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Sirens and electronic alarms with multiple tones
Multi-sound sirens have 43 user selectable tones. The electronic alarms have 16 user selectable tones, with adjustable volume.

Pre-wired and pre-assembled products provide simplicity and speed of installation
RoHS compliant
Electronic alarms
– Each unit has 16 user selectable sounds
– Panel mounting. DIN standard installation
– Up to 90 decibels in a compact size
– Simple volume adjustment (0 to 90 dB) with an easy front panel access
– IP 54
– Panel color: black or white
– CE, UR
– 43 alarm sounds can be controlled by external signal
– Up to 105 dB in a compact size
– Registration mode to choose and register the sounds of your choice
– Easy volume adjustment and sound switching without using tools
– IP 53
– CE, UL



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