Harmony XVB 70 mm Tower Lights

7,550.00 7,047.00

Availablity:  in stock

70mm beacons and modular tower lights
70 mm modular beacons and tower lights, with steady or flashing lights, and with incandescent or LED illumination

High degree of protection: IP66
Meets International standards: CE, UL, CCC, CSA, Ghost
Modular construction of up to 5 lens units (6 colors of illuminated lens units): simple interchangeability of units
Simple assembly of lens units enables immediate access when changing bulbs, automatic electrical connection between lens units
Three types of light source: 10 Watt incandescent bulb, built-in high-efficiency LEDs, 5 and 10 joule discharge tube
100,000 hours of maintenance-free lighting with “LED Protected” technology



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