Harmony XB5

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? 22 mm modular plastic pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights
The modular Harmony XB5 range of 22 mm plastic control and signaling units combines simplicity of installation, efficiency, flexibility, modern design and robustness to meet most industrial applications.

A complete range to provide the relevant functions for your panels and machines

Pushbutton switches, Selector/key switches, Emergency stop buttons, Multiple-headed pushbuttons, Pilot lights, Illuminated pushbuttons and selector switches Various accessories including flush mounting kits, protective covers, and legend plates.

Conformity with IEC, UL, CSA, CCC EAC, and JIS standards, as well as CE marking and marine approvals
Up to IP 66, 67, 69, 69K, and type 4X protection ratings
Operating temperature from -40?C to 70?C
High chemical robustness
Shock protection level up to IK03 rating
High vibration resistance with shake-proof terminal screws
Large set of accessories to customize your panels
Various types of connection are available: screw clamp, connector, Faston connector, spring terminal, or printed circuit board.
A wide choice of contact blocks for general purpose or specific applications (low current, standard, or high power switching)



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